Psychology & Communication

From the moment you meet another person who has interest in training with you, you have begun the process of trying to educate them.  This doesn’t matter if they are an adult who is simply curious about martial arts or a parent searching for an activity for their child.  From a phone call, email, and of course first face-to-face meeting not only are you trying to show what Hwa Rang Do has to offer, but more importantly you must know what the person truly needs.

Every person has specific motivations that are often hidden in plain sight.  The better one can “understand” the person in front of them the better one can lead them to the right goals.  This is obviously important on the sales side of recruiting more students, but it is even more important in making sure that while your students get what they want out of training in terms of goals and fulfillment, that their deeper needs and weaknesses have been faced, challenged, and resolved.

Hwa Rang Do's Kim Yooshin Battle Plan

Once again, teaching is no easy matter, however those who can understand the psychology of the person in front of them, and can say what needs to be said at the right time through effective communication, will undoubtedly make a tremendous difference in that person over time.

I think we all know the great teachers we have had in our own lives, and this ability to truly connect with us in sincere and meaningful ways was always at the heart of the exchange.  To be able to truly understand another human being, whether it be child or adult is a critical aspect of a teacher’s development and through our instructor program you can be sure that this area will be addressed.