Martial Art Instructor Program“Taejunsa” means ultimate warrior, and the goal of this program is to create the ultimate Hwa Rang Do practitioner! This is a group of individuals who want to make a commitment to becoming a Hwarang Warrior in the fullest sense. Along with intensive and detailed martial art training, participants will be responsible for teaching Hwa Rang Do┬« to the next generation.

Students in the Taejunsa program will learn all details of all the aspects of Hwa Rang Do in an accelerated training environment. The training is as detailed as it is intense, and all members are required to become instructors in some capacity. Actually, those people who make it through our program will have a guaranteed job waiting for them with our organization upon completion!

In these uncertain and transitional times, there are not many opportunities waiting that are as ripe and promising as with Hwa Rang Do. Our school has expanded significantly, we have been approached by countless public educational schools, charter schools, and community organizations that wish to implement our program at their facility, plus we have significant possibilities in regards to opening other full time Academy & Club locations. However, our ONLY problem is having enough qualified instructors to help lead and teach properly – this is why we NEED YOU to fill the gap, and begin the journey of a lifetime!

Please take your time reviewing the information on this site thoroughly if interested. We will only be selecting serious candidates that resonate with the Hwa Rang Do mission.