Program Expectations

We hope that you have been able to thoroughly review all of the previous content on this website prior to getting to this page.  The vision and scope of this program is very significant, and we will only accept those individuals who are extremely serious and resonate closely to Hwa Rang Do’s vision.

While we have an extremely high demand for instructors and opportunities are waiting right now, if you don’t have the “right stuff” or are simply motivated by financial incentives alone, it is probably best that you don’t waste any more of your time.

Hwa Rang Do Martial Art Instructor ProgramWe are looking for people who can truly embody the term of “Taejunsa” an ultimate Hwarang warrior that is dedicated to making a difference in this world through our martial art instruction.  You will be challenged to learn every type of martial art skill that you can imagine to high performance standards, you will have to communicate this material to other people in effective and inspiring manners as a teacher, you will also be required to be extremely professional on the business side of operations everyday.  Again, this is no easy task, which is why there are so few qualified Hwa Rang Do instructors in the world today.  Please understand we will NEVER sacrifice quality for quantity, and all of our instructors must not only meet, but exceed these very high standards.

With this said however, if you do have the “right stuff” and you can meet our standards, then a door opens to you for one of the most rewarding vocations that you can possibility imagine.  No more taking jobs just to pay your bills month-to-month. No more striving for a dead-end career that you might have luke-warm feelings about and become to regret as time and life wasted.  No more wondering about a possibility that itches at your heart and mind while you lie awake at night…..

It is time to act!  It is time to begin the most meaningful journey of your life!

As mentioned previously our Accelerated Instructor Vocational Program is approximately a 3 year commitment.  Upon meeting our standards at the completion of this program we will guarantee to hire you in our organization on a full or part time basis depending on your desire.  We obviously would like you to be full time with us as there is much to do, however, we also want you to be actively teaching in the place that is best suited for you and with the opportunity that is aligned to your goals as well.  We will obviously work hard to find the best position for you in our organization.

The Taejunsa Program will take place in 2 phases.  The first phase will be focused on your martial art skills and training.  We expect you to reach the level of Tae Soo Do Black Belt (completing our undergraduate program – click here for more information), by the end of your first year.  Along with learning Tae Soo Do, you will have to significantly build up your physical skills of strength, balance, flexibility, endurance, and then also build up your skills at sparring, grappling, and weapon fighting.  While you will begin assisting in classes at some point in this first year the more in-depth teaching and management will take place once you graduate the Tae Soo Do Program.

The second phase of your development will take place in the last 2 years as you move through the Hwa Rang Do sashes until you reach 1st Dan Degree Black Sash.  The Hwa Rang Do sashes have a significant amount of material that you are expected to become proficient at, and your physical skills in addition to your sparring, grappling, and weapon skills must also grow considerably.  Along with all of the martial art training that will take place, the teaching, psychology & communications, and business operations will also be ramped up now that you have the swing of the basics and an educated perspective to work with.

Please understand that it usually takes the average student 3-5 years to finish the Tae Soo Do Program and another 7-10 years to arrive at Hwa Rang Do 1st Degree Black Sash.  So yes, we are expecting a lot out of you!

In order to accomplish this incredible progression your weekly schedule will look like:

Phase 1 – Tae Soo Do

  • Training in at least 1 curriculum class every day, Monday through Thursday, plus Saturday.
  • Training in every Wednesday night Taejunsa class (8-10pm) for instructors and those in the Accelerated Instructor Vocational Program.
  • Training in all Saturday Weapon Fighting Classes
  • Training in all Saturday TGT Assistant & Teaching Classes.
  • Once you reach intermediate levels, you will begin assisting in at least 1 class per day Monday through Friday.
  • Participants must also train on your own daily throughout the week to practice and develop your skills in order to master the curriculum.
  • Participants are also expected to help clean the dojang daily.  Cleaning is a privilege that sharpens a detailed and humble mind.
  • Participants must also attend ALL Hwa Rang Do special events in the Midwest region including seminars, tournaments, and school demonstrations or parties.
  • Participants will also begin the study of Hwa Rang Do history and philosophy and have reading assignments related to Asian culture and history.

Phase 2 – Hwa Rang Do

  • All of the above schedule, details, and points of Phase 1 continue on.
  • There is A LOT more martial art material to learn in Phase 2 so expect additional personal training time each day to develop proficiencies.
  • Participants will be streamlined into additional course study based upon your desired position goal.  If interested in youth programs, additional time will be done geared for the youth classes, afterschool program, camp, and school outreach programs.  If interested in adult classes, additional time will be geared for adult training, self-defense, combative, and fitness training activities.  If your goal relates to eventually teaching and operating another branch academy or club, more emphasis will be on business operations along with all the specialties of class instruction that would be available at that particular kind of branch.  We will be working in concert with you at this point to make sure you are getting what you need to be successful for our organization.
  • All participants will be mentored on teaching, psychology, communications, and business practices thoroughly in a work/study internship type manner.  You will be doing hands on work in these areas with reviews and oversight so that you increase skill and competency.
  • Additional study will also take place on history, culture, philosophy, current events, and possibilities.
  • Participants must also work through various meditations and psychological reflections under the guidance of our Chief Instructor.

Additional Expectations

  • You are allowed 3 excused absences from the Wednesday night Taejunsa Class per year for the duration of your program.  If you have more than 1 un-excused absence from this class you risk being expelled from the program.
  • We are closed only for the Christmas to New Year Holiday, Memorial Day Weekend, Independence Day Weekend, and Labor Day Weekend.  It is expected that you match this schedule while in the program.  You will be allowed a few occasional sick days, but if your attendance is not stellar in terms of weekly classes you may be expelled from the program after a verbal warning.
  • You cannot miss ANY Hwa Rang Do seminar in the Midwest region by any Grandmaster for any reason.
  • You cannot miss our annual interschool tournament.
  • You must have a humble and eager mind.  If you are deemed to be arrogant or lazy and because of such attitude do not reach the benchmarks of progression given to you for the program, you risk expulsion at the Master’s discretion.
  • From time to time there are special projects taking place around the school or for events that require additional time, energy, and support to accomplish.  All Taejunsa Program participants should be enthusiastically ready to help get things done!
  • Remember, you will be trying to compress 10 years of  average study into 3 years….. this is a commitment not to be taken lightly.
  • Note: Failure to fulfill all of the above responsibilities and/or violate our code of ethical conduct will result in expulsion from the program without refund.

Hwarang Kim Yooshin

As mentioned in earlier pages on this site, Hwa Rang Do has been passed on from generation to generation based upon the master to disciple relationship.  This is actually the same as all of the artisan trades of old as well, in that one takes an apprenticeship under a proven successful craftsman to learn the trade, the art, and then the profession becomes one’s livelihood.  Please understand that this is how all trades and professions actually existed and evolved throughout that vast majority of human history until the past century.

In today’s world, we all know well that if you go to a university or technical school you attend a lot of classes and are tested on a lot of material, however that is an isolated and saturated world that doesn’t prepare you for much of anything in the real world – which is proven by the fact that the vast majority of college graduates are NOT finding jobs in their fields of study and are settling for minimum wage positions in the service industry.  For all the promise that college is supposed to have these days, it is a bigger bubble than the housing or dotcom bubble put together!

However, learning a real trade under the direction and supervision of one who has proven success at that trade is always one of the sure fire ways to learn the value of the profession.  As an immersed student one can truly evolve one’s craft through the experience of life and the creation of one’s work.  The innovators of all time have proceeded thusly, and we look forward to seeing you join our legacy!