Enrollment Overview

Enrolling in our Taejunsa Accelerated Instructor Vocational Program will take a few steps as we want to make sure your participation is a good fit for both of us.  The admission process will take a thorough application with essays and background check, and then you will go through an interview.  Upon completion of this, if you pass these rounds you will also have to agree to a non-disclosure and non-competition legal agreement since we will be providing you will so much training and business material.  Once again, upon completion you will be qualified to be able to teach on a full time basis, and the martial art and operational material of Hwa Rang Do is an internationally trademarked entity.

While we are obviously looking forward to having people join this program and then eventually become part of our team leaders in our organization and its future growth, please understand that we only want people who are extremely serious and dedicated as this program is a significant commitment and investment for both you the participant and us the organization and teachers.

Susok Sabumnim Dylan Sirny Begisul

After reviewing all of the information on this website, we also hope you thoroughly study our main Academy’s website for further details about our martial art and school.  Then at that point if you are seriously interested in this Taejunsa Program the next step would be to setup a tour and initial meeting with our Chief Instructor.  Then we can discuss the details of the program further as well as get introduced to your initial goals and reasons for wanting to pursue this program as well.

We truly want to make sure that this program is the right thing for you.  Once again a lot of people have lots of dreams, but this is a significant commitment that will require lots of really hard work everyday.  Even with all this hard work, it certainly won’t stop once you complete the program – there will still be more to go as you must continue your Hwa Rang Do education and enhance your teaching skills and insight constantly as you develop in your vocation.

Please keep in mind that nothing of value was ever obtained without sacrifice.

There is much to do, and we look forward to seeing you on the path of the Taejunsa Instructors!