We hope you can understand the importance of our little introduction as while Hwa Rang Do has many different types of students from youth to adult with multitudes of goals and needs for training, it takes a very special individual to become an effective teacher and mentor to those who pursue this path.  Quite frankly it is extremely difficult, which is why Hwa Rang Do does not have the vast presence that other martial arts have.  Obtaining a Black Sash rank in Hwa Rang Do is a grueling process as you must become a genuine Flowering Knight in all aspects of your life and then be an effective example for others to follow.  This rank is not simply handed out like other styles, as we are not interested in people simply having fun in a karate school or MMA atmosphere.  Hwa Rang Do is not a hobby, it is a personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle and positive service to one’s community/humanity, and our instructors must embody this.

Another important aspect to point out is that Hwa Rang Do has maintained its cohesion as a global organization.  While most other martial arts have many different affiliates and have broken up countless times, the World Hwa Rang Do Association has not only kept the quality together, but has also moved to 501(c)3 non-profit status so that we can focus on humanitarian outreach through the martial arts and create positive change in the world at large.

Yes, our goals are vast!  Yet, the times are calling for us more and more everyday!

Hwa Rang Do Minneapolis Martial Art Academy

All of our schools around the world are filled with many who resonate and practice in dedicated manners.  Locally here, the Minneapolis Academy has seen tremendous growth over the past decade, and can barely keep up with expanding its offerings.  Actually, if we had 10 properly trained instructors, they would ALL have full time jobs immediately!  Once again though, we return to the problem of getting a person properly trained at ALL aspects of Hwa Rang Do, . . . this is no easy endeavor.

In order to fill this critical need we have developed this Taejunsa, Accelerated Instructor Program to help those individuals seeking the path to become a professional Hwarang in today’s world find success.  Right now the opportunities are limitless, but we do need the right people to step up to fill those opportunities.  Not only do we need people to teach here at our local Academy, but we have been approached by multiple schools and organizations seeking to implement our program at their sites.  We also have investment backing for additional full time school locations, and once we have additional qualified instructors we will be able to branch out even further.  We just need you!

While so many people are running through the university and technical college bubble these days to only find no vacancies in their chosen fields and a job market that is frozen even down to minimum wage jobs, Hwa Rang Do is a field that has tremendous earning potential and immediate opportunity.  In fact, for those people who make it through our instructor program, we will GUARENTEE you a full time job with us in some form!

Yes that’s right, we said it – if you can make it through our program and meet our standards, we will guarantee to hire you on a full or part time basis, whatever you desire!

We are confident you aren’t going to find that offer anywhere else in the world today, so read through the rest of the details about the program to see if you have the right stuff, as once again, we have an immediate need for qualified and dedicated instructors here at our school for our regular classes, afterschool program, and summer camps, along with opportunities to be placed at educational schools and community organizations in the region, or to work with other corporate and business offices, and of course the potentials for opening additional clubs and fulltime schools.