Once you are accepted in this special program you will be moving through a unique system like no other individual out there!  While the other ants are marching and sheeple are lost at dead-end jobs or wasting time and a significant amount of money at universities and technical colleges – you will become educated at one of the most empowering professions available and creating lasting change within the students you come in contact with.

Not only will our program give you the skills you need in the real world to be incredibly successful – we will guarantee your job placement with us once you complete everything to proper standard!  Yes, we said it! If you can get through our program we will guarantee to hire you on a full-time basis and of course we will put that in writing!

The only other place you now need to look at is your heart and decide if Hwa Rang Do could truly be your calling…. And if the answer is yes, well, what are you waiting for!

The base tuition for the Taejunsa Accelerated Instructor Program will include the following items:

  • ALL martial art training and instruction from Tae Soo Do White Belt up to Hwa Rang Do 1st Degree Black Sash to be completed in approximately 3 years.
  • ALL training and instruction in standard operating procedures for Hwa Rang Do class instruction and other teaching activities.
  • ALL training and instruction in standard operation procedures for Hwa Rang Do Enrollment, Sales, Marketing, and Business Operations.
  • Full access to the Academy’s facility and class schedule for training during all open hours.
  • Includes initial Tae Soo Do uniform
  • Includes official WHRDA Grappling Uniform
  • Includes official WHRDA Weapon Fighting Uniform
  • Includes Foam & Wood Ssang Jyel Bong (Nunchucks)
  • Includes Long Staff & Mid Sticks for Bongtoogi (Stick Fighting)
  • Includes Long and Twin Short Bamboo Swords for Gumtoogi (Sword Fighting)
  • Includes first year of WHRDA membership dues

Because There Is An IMMEDIATE Need For Instructors, We Are Offering HUGE Tuition Discounts On This Program ONLY For The Next 8 People Who Jump On The Opportunity NOW!

– First 5 People That Are Accepted in Taejunsa Program = $5000 total per person
***(ONLY 3 out of 5 spots remaining at this level – 2 already taken!)***

– The 6th through 10th People That Are Accepted in Program = $10,000 total per person
– All Others After First 10 People = $15,000 total per person

*Payment Options Available

**If you are a current HRD or TSD student from any location, we will consider a prorated $ amount based on your rank, experience, & skill.  Must discuss based on your individual specific situation and you would be expected to apprentice full time here at the Minneapolis Academy.

In addition to the base tuition there are some other fees and responsibilities that participants will have to cover on their own as you progress through the program.  These items are:

  • WHRDA Belt Testing Fees
  • WHRDA Annual Membership Renewals
  • Sparring Equipment
  • Weapon Fighting Armor
  • Seminar Registration Fees
  • Tournament Registration Fees
  • Additional Weapons as needed
  • Additional Uniforms as needed
  • Additional Books as needed

If you have any hesitation at the amount of the tuition for this program, please consider what you would pay for any university or technical program that IS NOT guaranteeing your job at the end of it.  Also, to move through our martial art program with full access to the school and all types of our classes you would end up paying close to this amount over the 10+ years it takes you to get to Hwa Rang Do 1st Degree Black Sash if you were a regular student.  So, of course our program is an investment!  It is an investment in both of our futures that will be paid off in probably 6-10 months (depending on position you seek and qualify for) once you graduate the program and are working for our organization in the area of your choice!

Once again, nothing of value is achieved without sacrifice, and only those who are committed find meaningful success.

We are not looking for exceptions, we are looking for those who are exceptional!