Admission Process

Once you have had a tour of our facility and an initial meeting with Master Dylan Sirny and the Taejunsa Program seems like a good fit, please fill out the following application and return it to our school once you are ready to start the program.  If your written application is approved there will be a followup interview to address any detailed questions or clarifications that both you and we have in regards to your participation in the program.  After that, your admission will either be approved, denied, or approved with additional follow-up requirements.

We will be accepting students in this program to commence their training immediately! Tuition Deals that are currently offered will be strictly adhered to, first come first serve for those who pass the admission process & background check.

If you have any questions about the application please email us for clarification.

Click to download PDF Version of TAEJUNSA APPLICATION

*Please remember that NO previous martial art experience is required for admission to this program!