Program Overview

Our accelerated instructor program is designed to be complete in terms of your total needs for becoming a successful and skilled instructor.  As we are guaranteeing your job placement after you complete the program with us (yes, we will put that in writing!), we are extremely committed and invested in seeing you become phenomenal in all regards.  While developing your martial art skills are an integral part of the program, it is only one facet among many.

There are many people who are great at doing martial arts in the world, however, there are significantly fewer inspirational teachers.  There are also people who make a lot of money doing martial arts, however, there are not that many who are genuine examples of virtue and integrity.  We do not believe there is an inherent contradiction between these types of variations.  Actually, we have seen and have proven that through the virtuous action of quality martial art instruction combined with professional business practices, we can help our students achieve significant results and our instructors can make a living doing what they believe in.

Ancient Hwarang warrior Kim Yooshin

Our program is designed to cover the following facets:

  1. Martial Art – In order to teach Hwa Rang Do, one must be able to do Hwa Rang Do.  One must become skilled at all aspects of our art from kick/punch/throw fighting, grappling and submission fighting, use of weapons and weapon fighting.  You must also become comfortable with acrobatics, breathing & meditation, and as you progress to the advanced levels begin training in Asian healing practices and of course must have primary first aid skills.
  2. Teaching – In order to teach others, one must be an effective teacher.  From leading group classes to individual instruction, from working with youth versus adults, from connecting with experienced martial artists to those with no experience, from working at our school to outside public events – all of these situations happen regularly and our instructors must be effective at managing and dealing with them all.
  3. Psychology and Communication – In order to work with people, you must understand and be able to communicate effectively with people.  The human mind is vast, and as one teaches you will meet a plethora of different people.  Everyone is also unique with their own goals, values, and personal history, and our instructors must be able to connect in a meaningful way with the students and families that come through the doors each day.
  4. Business Operations – Operating and participating in a professional business obviously requires an important skill set so that you can implement Hwa Rang Do’s mission and help produce more value through your actions.  We have successful standard operating guidelines for how our branches are run, and not only will you gain access to that, but we will also build your skills in sales, marketing, recruitment, and management.

Again, we have opportunity for all types of people with goals and potentials as high as you can imagine.  We will guarantee a job for your placement with our organization in writing – all you have to do is complete our program!  It will be hard, it will be thorough, however, whatever your goals may be, we will find an opportunity that best suits you, whether it be working with our youth programs around the region, training adults in self-defense and the full array of martial art combatives, working on our business side of management, development, and outreach, or even eventually leading a new Hwa Rang Do club or school!

No martial art experience is necessary to join the program. Our main concern is if you genuinely resonate with our ideals, and the rest will take care of itself in due time.  Our program is a designed to be a 3 year intensive training course.  By the time you reach the end you will have achieved the rank of Hwa Rang Do 1st Degree Black Sash and developed great skills in the areas mentioned above.

Also, Hwa Rang Do is a traditional martial art coming from the old master/disciple method of transmission, so you can expect a lot of your training to take place in this apprenticeship style format.  There will be formal class training sessions for you, also once you reach an intermediate level you will have time spent assisting in classes, and there will be work/study type approach to learning business skills, all with weekly in depth training with our Chief Instructor.  You will also be expected to develop your physical skills during this time (ie, strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, etc), so please be prepared for a total immersion into the Hwa Rang Do world!